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Thomas Brolle

Tom founded Brolle Wealth Advisors in 2016 in partnership with Insight Advisors. His prior role was First Vice President at Morgan Stanley with 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Tom has diverse experience from working as the dedicated PNC Investments advisor to the PNC trust department and managing an office for J.J.B. Hilliard Lyons. His current role involves providing comprehensive financial advice to high net worth clients across the United States.

Tom holds a BSBA in Finance from Villanova University and holds a Chartered Wealth Advisor designation conferred by Michigan State University in 2003.

What We Offer

Portfolio Management, Financial Planning & Annuity Conversion

Portfolio Management

Financial Plan Evaluations

Retirement Income Plans

Retirement Planning

Fixed Annuities

Variable Annuities

Equity Indexed Annuities

Immediate Annuity

Deferred Annuity

How We Work

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Financial Planning

Unlike many firms that use complex financial plans to sell you pre-packaged commission-based products, we give thorough attention to your comprehensive financial needs to determine the best recommendation for you.

Annuity Assessment

We often see clients who were sold an annuity that does not meet their greater financial goals. Often there’s a better way. We will review your annuity contract in detail to help you determine whether or not it’s right for you.

Portfolio Management

We don’t sell cookie-cutter portfolios. We take the time to understand your individual goals and needs, and build a tailored portfolio to help you meet your objectives. And we regularly check in on anything that may have changed.

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